Stanley Silverman

Flavorful, approachable and distinctive music…delectable… -The Washington Post

"Elephants"  (sample)

From Elephant Steps, the first collaboration between Richard Foreman and Stanley Silverman. On May 7th, 2013 MasterWorks re-released a limited number of CDs from the original recording as well as a digital version. Purchase the album on AmazonArkiv Music or Masterworks.

"Promenade" (sample)

A playful arrangement from "Rendevouz with Tashi," by Stanley Silverman. Original score written by Gerswhin.

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"Long Lived Free Enterprise"

Performed by George McGrath, written by Stanley in collaboration with Tom Hendry & Richard Foreman for Doctor Selavy's Magic Theatre (see R&H). The original 1972 cast recording was released in 2011. 

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 "Life On the Inside" (sample)

Performed by the legendary James Taylor, this song is the bonus track to the original 1972 cast album of Doctor Selavy's Magic Theatre,  recently released and made available for download in 2011. 

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"The Way You Look Tonight" (sample)

This version of "The Way You Look Tonight" (Kern) was arranged by Stanley Silverman for James Taylor's performance at "Evening at the Pops" (PBS) conducted by John Williams.

"Kinematic" from "In Celebration"

The Kalichstein Laredo Robinson Trio performs this piece by Stanley from "In Celebration", which the New York Times called "one of the more successful hybrids of classical forms and jazz materials." 

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"Come Away Death" 

A beautiful ballad composed of Stanley's music, Shakespeare's words, and Gregory Rahming's mellifuous voice, "Come Away Death" from Twelfth Night reveals the wisdom of the "fool" Feste.